Branding — Cu’N’Fu.   

Cu’N’Fu – L’arte di immaginare il futuro.

This logo design and brand identity were made for Cu’N’Fu, a cultural project based in Turin, Italy, financed by Fondazione Intesa San Paolo. It’s a participative journey about the sense of community between older and new generations living in the neighborhood of Mirafiori, famous for being the home of the first FIAT motors factory.

The logo plays on the concept of inclusion and networking, with part of the letters outside the circle and part inside to signify involvement within the community itself; the curves that make up letters and symbols always return to “home”, which is both the neighborhood and the “res publica”, until they are at its very center. The graphic accents of apostrophes are more dynamic and play out the connection between culture and the future.

For short, culture and future are the fuel of society.

L’arte di immaginare il futuro.








Brand design

The chromatic palette reflects the heart of the Cu’N’Fu identity: bright and contrasting colors take some characteristics of the traditional colors of the city of Turin directly into the future.

Blue and yellow of the city’s coat of arms were used as a starting point, and then saturated and brightened. Considering they are opponent colors, another pair of colors in chromatic opposition was chosen: red and green, forming an ideal cross on the color wheel. Orange completes the picture by providing a less contrasting alternative to yellow.


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