Dynamic presentation for Milan-based digital agency.
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Story progression

Logo redesign · Color palette · Typography

In order to make this visual presentation work, some graphic assets of the agency needed to be rediscussed, or made from scratch.

The logo was changed into a more modern, bolder one. Something that can be reduced a lot and still be readable. The palette reflects a fluid, contemporary, digital identity with some contrasting tones from purple to light green, purple and blue: opposing tints that were chosen to be juxtaposed for a futuristic feel. The font is simple yet original, ready for both small and bigger screens: a versatile Grotesque font with the spirit of a display font, Neue Montreal by Pangram Pangram.

After this first phase, it was time for the presentation itself: a short inspirational video based on typography animations listing some services the agency sells. It’s not about making it readable at first glance, or “complete”: it’s about giving a quick glance at the agency’s vision, know-how, way of working, capabilities. With some wow effect provided by yours truly.

I imagined MA-TTO’s range of services as a galaxy, a system of planets: one can hop in and make a journey through all of them, or just enjoy some, because each one has its rules and it’s like a little world; but they are all inextricably linked, they wouldn’t work as isolated systems. The whole thing, though, is not that rational: it’s guided by chaos, creativity, originality, which makes each project by the agency unique. This explains the random rotations, the funny tone of voice, the soundtrack.


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