Perino Vesco

Goes Digital


One of Turin’s finest bakery shops, awarded by Gambero Rosso with the prestigious Tre Pani. A beautiful couple, Chiara and Andrea, and a cool-ass young and diverse crew.

All good. Except their online presence was almost non-existent compared to its competitors and their social media profiles were, you know, boring.


— Social Media Strategist

— Graphic Designer

— Occasional Photographer






Daniela, my bro Matteo and I developed a cross-media strategy that involved designing a brand new e-commerce platform (with so much complicated layering for different orders all over the country), producing some phresh-looking offline stuff (like pizza boxes, crewnecks, windows stickers) and creating a bright and good-natured personality across all social media.

We focused a lot on the tone of voice Perino Vesco, a premium high-end bakery shop, should have used on its online touchpoints. Being a top notch shop in the middle of the city centre can sometimes be tricky: people tend to think you’re kind of snobbish. Except you’re not. So we transposed all of Perino Vesco actual personality online: warm, talkative and witty. This means getting rid of cold, impersonal bread pictures and starting to show people, stories, life. And, of course, food. Framed with some good ol’ storytelling.

Social Media


Social Media was crucial to increase Perino Vesco awareness and define its positioning.
We developed a whole new visual identity with warm colors, photos and tone of voice.

— New e-commerce
— New newsletter
— +30% Instagram followers


We have also designed some special projects for special occasions or holidays: Perino Vesco’s packaging, window displays, flyers and online advertising campaigns all speak the same language.
Our long-term goal is to make a young, high-quality shop recognizable throughout the city and beyond. Respecting and emphasizing the values that make it a special place.


Pizza box, crewneck, etc.





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