Born To Be Breil

Small everyday gestures that become three-dimensional, precious and sensual. Actions that determine who you are. Who you were born to be. Told through music.

In the era when visual communication has become fast and volatile, monopolizing our attention, we increasingly forget of the details.

We pass through places saturated with visual and auditory information to which we are now addicted to, to the point of ignore the meaning they carry with them. 

Underlying the storytelling are real aural details: audio shots of the products highlight the material essence. Sounds of contact, friction between surfaces, careful sound design is transformed into a beat, backbone of the narrative.


A photo-video production shot by the one and only Raffaele Alicino

We teamed up to create a super-immersive environment where different personalities could express themselves the most.
All the sounds you hear were either recorded or made from scratch.

The whole project is made of 5 different situations, each with their own custom sound design.

The clips were then arranged together to create a unique story.


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