Me and photographer Raffaele Alicino created this campaign for Italian bag brand Piquadro. We focused on the duality of their products, which can be used both for daily professional use and leisure time.

Self Project // Production by IMSOMEWHERE

Art Direction

Spring 2021

Why hating your life and create another when you can embrace both?

Piquadro — Art Direction

We’re not looking at the superhero doing a job he hates by day. His passions intertwine and identify him precisely because they complement each other.

The bag, the backpack, are not the means of escape from everyday life, but the the amplifier of necessities and desires, the accessory that becomes the bounding element of two lives: giving birth to change, becoming a bridge between two parallel and identifying realities.
Piquadro is consistent with those who wear it: endurance, performance, versatility, class, are watchwords that reflect the brand but also the needs of those who choose it. We told their stories, building a narrative with images based on the complementarity in the two lives of each of us.



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